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New DC Vaccine Treatment

Introduction to TNT-DC-CTL cell therapy

Dendritic cells (DCs) are the strongest antigen-presenting cells in vivo and also the initiators of the immune response.

TNT-DC-CTLs, high efficient targeting neo-antigens developed by the University of Southern California and Hrain experts, present a new type of immune cell therapy. They have proven effective in clinical trials in the United States to a variety of tumors.

Principle of TNT-DC-CTL cell therapy

This technology is to screen mutated antigens in tumor tissues through high-throughput exon sequencing technology. With an analysis in the protein-coding region, the mutated antigens identified by the immune cells will be recognized. These mutated antigens will be introduced into DCs. After that, the prepared DCs will be divided in to two shares, one to be infused into the body as a vaccine to stimulate the anti-tumor immune response to kill tumor cells, the other to be co-cultured with the patient's peripheral blood lymphocytes, to generate mutated-antigen-specific CTLs by amplification in vitro and then be infused into the patient’s body.