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Hrain Donates Exhibits to Zhangjiang Science City

On December 28, 2018, a symposium on the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City was held in E-PARK. At the meeting, the participants reviewed the unforgettable course of arrangement, donated exhibits and discussed the promising prospect for Zhangjiang Science City. Dr. Huang Fei, Vice President of Hrain Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Hrain), attended the meeting on behalf of Hrain, which participated in the exhibition as an exhibitor along with 40 others companies.

Hrain’s exhibit (CAR-T cell immunotherapy technology) and certificate of honor

Showcase cutting-edge achievements at the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City

Tang Shiqing, Vice Chairman of the CPPC Pudong New Area Committee and Director of the Technical and Economy Committee of Pudong New Area, spoke highly of the hi-tech achievements and positive spirit displayed by Zhangjiang-based enterprises in important hosting activities. He said that the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City represented a mental power, recorded the glamour of past events, blew a bulge call, marked mile stages in the industry and showed the way to future success. He also pointed out that the exhibition hall fully demonstrated the development outcomes of Zhangjiang Science City, which enjoyed prominent advantages in industrial cluster, as evidenced by the faithful and complete description of exhibits donated by the large number of technical and fast-growing enterprises therein. He added that the exhibition hall represented not only the government-driven local development, but also the showcasing of cutting-edge products and outcomes.

Wu Qiang, Deputy Director General of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center Promotion and Construction Office and Chairman of the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Administrative Committee of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, attractively reviewed the well-organized, concerted and devoted arrangement. He also appreciated all the exhibitors for their selfless devotion and contributions in such tight timeframe. He added that this fully demonstrated the major role the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City playing to epitomize Shanghai’s commitment to taking on the responsibility of national strategies, scaling heights of science and technology and pursuing self-driven innovation in the construction of science and technology innovation center.

Group photo of participants at the symposium

Joint hands towards a brighter future

Participants then had discussions on the maintenance and upgrading of exhibits in subsequent operation of the exhibition hall. A grand donation certificate awarding ceremony was held. 24 units, including the Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. and Hrain, received the certificate of honor. Vice President Huang Fei, as representative of Hrain, received the certificate of donation. Influenced by the warm atmosphere, many more units offered to donate exhibits, in order to support the construction of the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City.

Donation certificate awarding ceremony (the third from the left: Dr. Huang Fei, Vice President of Hrain)

After the symposium, the representatives from exhibitors embarked on the path of the exhibition hall as General Secretary Xi Jinping did, visited the construction outcomes and planning of Zhangjiang Science City, and witnessed again their work of dream and sweat.

Exhibitor representatives visiting the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City