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January 2021:The first dual-target CAR-T IND was approved;
January 2021:Hrain was recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise";

April 2021: Completed C round financing;


March 2020: Hrain’s CAR-T cell preparation center officially started construction;

September 2020: Completed B+ round financing;

October 2020:the first dual-target CAR-T IND application in China was accepted by CDE;

October 2020: the intellectual property management system was certified by the national authoritative standard system (IPMS);

December 2020: Hrain CAR-T cell preparation center was completed;


May 2019: Hrain recognized as Pudong Enterprise-run Postdoctoral Research Works;

September 2019: Completed B round financing;


January 2018: The first success of CAR-T infusion by Hrain in a patient with liver cancer;

March 2018: Completed A round financing;

April 2018: Started the construction of the Cell Processing Center;

July 2018: Completed A+ round financing;

July 2018: Two anti-human CD19 T cell injections were approved by NMPA for clinical trials;

July 2018: Won the 2018 Frost & Sullivan's China New Economy Award — Excellence in Innovation;

September 2018: Officially launched Shanghai Zhangjiang Jinshan Biological Base;

October 2018: Held Hrain Phase I Clinical Trial Kick-off Meeting for anti-human CD19 T cell injection(against r/r Lymphoma);

November 2018: Hrain products were included into the biomedical exhibition area of Zhangjiang Science City (inspected by General Secretary Xi Jinping);

November 2018: Successfully held the 13th Annual Meeting of Chinese Society for Immunology - Hrain Satellite Conference;

December 2018: Anti-human BCMA T cell injection was approved for clinical use.


January 2017: The first success of CAR-T infusion by Hrain in a patient with multiple myeloma;

February 2017: Launched the expansion of the platform to 3,000 square meters;

December 2017: Started the cooperation with Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and had the 11st clinical cooperation centers.


February 2016: Registered another 2 clinical trials on, reaching 8 in total;

February 2016: The first success of CAR-T infusion by Hrain in a patient with leukemia.


April 2015: Completed the construction of the technology platform in Zhangjiang;

July 2015: Hrain Biotechnology founded;

September 2015: Held the CAR-T Clinical Trial Kick-off Meeting;

September 2015: Started the cooperation with Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital -- the first CAR-T clinical cooperation center;

October 2015: Realized stable production of virus-based CAR-Ts;

December 2015: The first success of CAR-T infusion by Hrain in a patient with B-cell lymphoma.